Shine Your Lips – Lip Gloss!

lip glossGive that supple, soft and shiny look to your lips. Use lip gloss.

Want to know more on lip gloss, then here’s something for you.

Lip gloss is a type of cosmetic product which helps you to protect as well as give your lips a subtle and shiny color.

They are available in liquid and solid forms. Different shades are also available these days for that extra glamorous look. Try them you will know the difference!

Lip gloss is available in transparent form too, this type can be applied on your lipstick to give it a shiny touch.

Otherwise you can use the light shades one without any lip stick applied for that simple but yet catchy look! Lip gloss is available in metallic, frosted and glittering shades.

Teenagers Love It! Yes this is most commonly used by teenagers for casual and party purpose as well. Most commonly used shades by them are the pink and reddish tints. Wow! Now you know how to get that flirty look girl! A teenager starts her make up from this gloss. First step to make up indeed!

Lip Gloss in Flavors! You will love them all. Lip gloss is available nowadays in fruit and also your favorite ice cream flavors. Strawberry, vanilla and watermelon and much more! And if you want to go natural then you have an option too, gloss are made from pure natural and organic components too.

Lip gloss works as a moisturizer! What more your lip gloss not only gives you that flirty look but also helps you to protect and nourishment your lips as many of the modern gloss contain moisturizers.

Sunscreen Lip Gloss! To protect your lips from the harsh sun rays lip gloss has sunscreen with good SPF results. What more a complete lip care is truly possible by using a good gloss.

Home made Lip Gloss! You can even prepare you own gloss to save money. All you need to have are coconut oil, paraffin wax, petroleum jelly, candy melts for that sweet taste, grater, wax paper and a Ziploc bag.

If you want to add flavor to your homemade lip gloss then you can add oil based candy flavoring. Small container to make this gloss and store it, is needed.

Take little grated wax in the Ziploc bag, to this add coconut oil, petroleum jelly, candy melt and oil based candy flavoring. Close the bag and put it in a hot water bag and allow the ingredients to melt for about 4-5 minutes.

Now that the ingredients have melted remove the bag from hot water. Quickly mix the ingredients by squishing them. Put the gloss into a tight container and allow it to settle for 1 hour, if required put it in a refrigerator for at least 15minutes. So there you are with homemade lip gloss perfect for your daily use!


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