Ava Anderson, Young Mind For Healthy Skin

The first line of completely non-toxic cosmetic products is finally on the market. And its composition is not the only surprising thing about it.

The girl that came with the brave initiative and who helped launch the whole line is only fifteen years old!

Ava Anderson realizing, after a short while using creams, make-up and perfumes that the quantity of toxic substances she put on her face every day was huge, began to think what if she could create something else.

And when she was old enough (that would be about fourteen) to realize exactly what that means for her organism, she contacted a New York cosmetics manufacturer who was motivated by the young girl’s intentions and proceeded into creating a line that scores pure zero on all the fields of the Cosmetics Database analysis.

The Cosmetic Database contains a scan of about 57,000 cosmetic products and their components (test results operated by 57 agencies like EPA, EU Chemical Bureau, Canadian 10 and Breast Fund).

The database rates every product with a score from zero to ten (an overall grade and also a detailed analysis of its components), stating the major risks for health that the users might be running.

Anderson proved herself to be very preoccupied not only of the faith of women, but also of the threats to men and children’s well being. Applied on a daily basis, Anderson added, the toxic cosmetics can cause huge damages to one’s state of good health.

Good for her, for being so smart!


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