Avoiding Chemical Based Skincare Products

Antony Buck watched his wife try every skin care product known to man while expecting their first baby.

Unfortunately, she had adverse reactions to every single product that she tried.

This pushed Antony and his business partner Robert Calcraft to come up with the idea to produce a skincare product that would not cause negative reactions to those with sensitive skin.

They realized that all of the products had one thing in common they were made of highly complex combinations of ingredients many of them chemically based.skincare product

This led them to the assumption that this was why his wife suffered a reaction when using these products and it was probably as a result of intolerance to many of these chemical components.

They decided that they would produce a range of skincare products that would not contain these chemicals and therefore not cause these types of adverse reactions.

In theory that sounded very simple but in practice they struggled to come up with their goal of producing a clean and also “bio-active” formula.

After much trial and error, they managed to create REN (clean in Swedish) a new product, which avoids chemical ingredients for those that have difficulty tolerating chemical-based skin care products.


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