Best Ingredients For Skin Protection

natural ingredientsNothing gives a woman’s age away quicker than her skin, especially the face.

But these days there are many excellent skin care products on the market that will reduce wrinkles and help you look younger for longer.

As ageing takes place, the skin proteins, elastin and collagen are reduced, if exposed to a lot of UVB rays the balance of hyaluronan will change.

Damage will have taken place because of free radicals caused by smoking, drinking and a poor diet; the latter factors will also have created oxidative stress.

Many of the best skin care products are based on natural ingredients, for example shea butter and jojoba, which make very successful moisturizers, as does the vitamin B5.

A moisturizer is important because it keeps the skin hydrated, although if they contain synthetic ingredients such as parabens irritation can occur.

Emollients are what retain softness and prevents the daily dirt from the environment around us affecting the skin’s pores. Olivem is a type of emollients based on the properties of olive oil.

Vitamins too are an important part of any skin care product as they soothe irritations like the B group and minerals will re-energize the tired skin.

The most important ingredients that have been developed over many years can be usually found in the top of the product ranges, where often the most effective solution to aging skin can be found. A New Zealand discovery, Cynergy TK improves the amount of elastin and collagen produced.

A Japanese extract of sea kelp, known as Phytessence Wakame, maintains the balance of hyaluronic acid and the best antioxidant around is Coenzyme Q10, which slows the damage done by free radicals.


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