Which Is the Best Skin Lightening Cream Out There?

Skin lightening creams are increasingly becoming popular to help lighten pigmentation and skin tone. With so many brands and products available, it gets difficult to choose a product that will give the desired results. A little research and knowledge about the ingredients will help decide the perfect cream to lighten skin tone.

Skin-Lightening-CreamNur 76 Skin Lightening Cream and Serum

A very effective cream that does all that it promises. The cream works efficiently to lighten skin color, fade out freckles and even out the skin tone. With regular use, the skin looks radiant and vibrant. It has anti-ageing effects too. Some users have reported that the cream works on spots caused by melasma. This skin lightening cream has plenty of skin nutrients that work wonders on the skin. The cream comes with an amazing offer. If the cream does not prove effective, the company promises 100% money back within 90 days. The only con with the cream is that it is slightly more priced than other similar products.

Age Spot – Dark Marks Remover

The cream works wonders for the skin. With regular use, the skin feels fresh and smooth. The cream seems to last longer on the skin. The cream smells better than most other skin lightening creams. It is available in packs of 50 ml. The product does not come with a money back guarantee. Many users have reported that although the skin looks and feels great, there is no visible lightening of the skin.

Provenance Dark Spots Cream

This skin lightening cream is available in 60 ml containers and is good value. It works like a concealer and covers dark marks and uneven skin tone. The skin feels well moisturized when the cream is used. There have been negative reports by users after discontinuing its use. The skin seems very dry and flaky once the cream is discontinued. The cream does not lighten marks but only conceals them temporarily.

Extra Strong Whitening 30 Day System

It is a complete system with a moisturizer, cream and serum. It feels fancy to use three different products. It works to lighten the skin. The skin lightening cream system does not have a money back guarantee. Users say that although there are three products, only the moisturizer makes the skin feel good. The serum causes tingling in the skin on application and irritates it. Dryness and itchiness have also been observed. With time, the skin becomes very sensitive too.

Arbutin Skin Whitening Serum

The cream leaves the skin feeling firmer and smoother. It works effectively on spots and stops further appearance of new spots. The skin feels silky soft and fresh throughout the day. The dropper makes it easy and economical to use. However, the product does not come with a money back guarantee. Some users have reported sensitivity after discontinuing the product. The serum does not effectively lighten the skin tone. In addition, the good effects of the serum disappear as soon as its use is stopped.

Skin lightening creams and serums are being used to even out and lighten the skin tone. The right product is essential to get a lighter, healthy looking skin.


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