Brilliant Summer Essentials For Skin Protection

Skin, the most important part of our body, is very sensitive and needs the utmost protection from the sun’s harmful rays and other environmental pollutants. If you really want to maintain healthy skin, a routine skincare regime and sun protection is very essential.

Aroma Sun SPF 10 Hydrating Tinted Self-Tanning Gel-Cream

This non-oily self-tanner provides moderate sun protection and also hydrates your skin. When your skin is exposed to the sun, it improves skin cells’ natural defense system and slows the ageing process.

It also helps you to prevent sunburn and can be used all year. It is composed of essential oils of rose, chamomile and geranium.

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Sun Safety Kit!

If you want to get all those summer essentials in one place, you can check this exclusive sun safety kit from Sephora. This specific sun safety collection kit includes a collection of 11 travel-ready sizes of best and brightest summer skin care products.

You can get all the summer essentials necessary for protecting your skin from harmful rays of sun. So, if you want better protection from sun along with better skin care, go for this sun safety kit.

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