Why you Need to Change your Skincare Products as Winters Approach

When the time of the year tick toes to the sound of Christmas bells and jingles, you know that winter has arrived. Winter brings in the picturesque of a cold frosty morning with dew drops on the leaves and fog all around as you glance through your window pane.

A hot cup of coffee further enhances the flavor of the season. After a hot scorching summer, winter brings in a splash of relief in the minds of the people. It is mostly that time of the year when people are more active with planning for a vacation, picnic, get-togethers, and celebrating Christmas of course! But amidst all these one the most important thing which people forget is skincare. With the onset of winter, our skin also starts changing and so does its requirements.

So, it is imperative to change your skin care products with the ones that will complement your skin and make it retain its radiance all throughout the winter.

Why you need to change your skincare products as winters approach

Change is imminent:

Skin is the most delicate part of our body, and without proper care, it can have adverse effects on the health as well. Like we ought to change our clothing, lifestyle, and food habits according to the changing season, it is equally important to change your cosmetics too in winter. The requirement of the skin also changes according to the climate. While on a bright sunny day you will opt for a sunscreen powder to protect your skin from getting tanned, similarly during winter use of adequate moisturizer is beneficial for your skin. Apart from your face, your entire body requires adequate care during winter. Let us look at some of the problems people face during this season.

Skin Problems during winter:

  • Dryness is a common problem people face in winter. The chill winds blowing across your face removes the thin layer of oil that keeps our skin moisturized. In such a case opt for moisturizing lotions. Even for your make up switch to more creamy products than powder. You can use the trendy cream foundations instead of face powder. This will help to moisten your skin as well enhance a flawless skin. But remember our body too requires to be hydrated at frequent intervals. So apply body lotion twice a day to moisten your skin.
  • Itching is another problem that is accompanied by winter. It is mostly as a result of dry skin. So change your face-wash or shower gel too. Use cosmetics and beauty products that have adequate nourishing vitalizes that will prevent itching. And in worst case consult a dermatologist to apply ointment in the affected area.
  • Bathing in hot water frequently in winter can even reduce the moisture content. Shift from your light body lotion to a thick one during winter. It will help to keep your skin hydrated for a longer span of time.
  • Too harsh climatic change can affect in winter. A warm room inside and a chilled temperature outside can be harmful for your skin’s health. So it is therefore important to create a shield around your skin to combat such weather conditions.

What products should be used during winter?

As summer and winter are two extremities of the natures, therefore it calls for a different kind of care in a different climatic situation. From your lifestyle to clothing, all of your requirements change suiting to the outside temperature. During summer body requires light clothes, simple makeup, and protection from the sun. And contrary to this happens during winter. With such a dimmed sunlight, you almost shiver to get adequate warmth. So with such change in climatic conditions, it is also essential to change your daily beauty products.

In winter, use a thick layer of cream to moisten your skin. Apply an adequate amount of oil or body lotion to your skin. Avoid using face-wash that removes oil from the skin. Instead, opt for the ones which leave a glossy effect on your skin. The more your skin is hydrated, the less it will be at the wrath of winter. Apart from this cracking of lips and feet is also evident during winter. Take precautionary measure before the winter onset. Apply lip balm to the cracked area of the lips to keep it moistened. For your feet, cleanse it in warm water and then apply sufficient amount of moisturization before hitting the bed.

The Bottom Line:

Winter is one of the seasons which brings in immense joy and happiness in one’s life. With a full-on festive mood, enjoy this season but also remember that it is imperative to have a proper skincare routine. This is because with the changing season the requirement of the body changes too. Mainly switch to more hydrating products in winter. Avoid using hard soaps or hot waters too often. Proper moisturization will help to retain your radiance. And lastly, though it is winter and the sun is not shining so bright, yet apply sunscreen lotion as a preventive measure.


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