Choosing The Right Skin Care Products For You

The key to getting the right product for your skin is to know your skin type. There are actually four basic skin types and they are:

• Dry Skin – appears wrinkled and dry with no shine and with small pores

• Normal Skin – appears radiant and healthy looking with a smooth texture

• Combination Skin – appears healthy but with some oiliness on the T-zone area

• Oily Skin – appears very shiny with large pores

skin moisture

Once you know your skin type it will be easy to choose what products to buy. When buying skin cleansers and moisturizers, always read the label for dry skin products. These products have more components that will hydrate your skin all day to keep it looking supple. They are usually cream based as this gives extra moisture to the skin.

Oily and combination skin products on the other hand prevents too much oil production so they are either fluid, gel or water based that is easily absorbed by the skin leaving it moisturized but with less grease. Normal skin products are easy to find but be careful to read the contents and do not buy products that have harsh ingredients that will harm your skin. So next time you visit your favorite store remember to read the label.


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