First Wrinkle Cream Proven To Actually Work

wrinkle creamAs one of the UK’s leading sellers of skin care products, a company called Boots decided to put its money where its mouth is and so paid for a team of scientists to test their much applauded anti aging serum called Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty, part of a No 7 range that they retail at just under twenty pounds ($30).

They have been rewarded by being the first ever product to be proven scientifically to work at eliminating wrinkles by an independent source.

The thirty milli-liters of cream, which contains amongst other things anti-oxidants, peptides, white lupin and retinyl parmitate is expected to fly off the shelves once the announcement is made.

Sixty volunteers used the product in a double blind test, with an enormous seventy percent seeing improvement after only a year. This market is worth nearly seven hundred pounds in the UK and the biggest growing part of this is the anti-ageing sector.

It is available in two intensities which assists certain women who have suffered from long term damage from the sun, heavy smoking and other external factors.

Several years ago a television documentary showing the products’ success, resulted in the sale of nearly ten million in less than a year. There were near riots from women desperate to get hold of the serum.

It is believed that it works by affecting the amount of fibrillin that is made. The latter is badly affected by the aging and the sun rays, but Boots’ serum stimulates its production.

The British Journal of Dermatology is where the report can be found and it won’t be long before another hoard of women fight to enjoy the benefits.


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