Gel or Soap? Day or Night Cream? – Choosing Between Alternatives

There is such a mind boggling array of skin care and personal hygiene products available that it can be quite confusing – what to use and what not to. So what skin care products are really necessary and why?

Night cream or Day cream? Should you have separate skin creams for the day and for the night; is there really a difference.

Soap-or-Body-washExperts say there is – while day creams are lighter and contain protective elements such as sun screen, night creams are heavier and have repair elements such as vitamins, retinols and antioxidants that help rejuvenate skin while you sleep.

Also night creams could react with daylight and cause a reaction, so it is best to use face creams as indicated.

Soap or Body wash/gel? With the wide range of body washes available, that promise the benefits of aroma therapy and the luxury of bathing without drying out skin, one wonders if soap is at all suitable for the skin.

While it is true that soap tends to dry out the skin more than liquid body washes and shower gels, it is also true that many do not enjoy the moist film that the latter leave on the surface of the skin.

Many argue that they get that squeaky clean feeling only when they use soap and that body washes don’t do the job of cleaning and deodorizing as well. So body wash or soap may be a matter of personal choice, but remember that you do also get soaps now that are pH balanced and which don’t dry out the skin.

Astringent or Toner? As part of the three step skin care routine – cleanse, tone, moisturize, do you use a tone or astringent? The rule of thumb here is that astringents should be used by oily skin because they are alcohol based and drying. Toners are less drying and can be used for dry skin as well.

Shave, epilate, wax or depilate? What is the best way to remove body hair – shaving, using an epilator or using hair removal creams? Well each has its own pros and cons: shaving is quick and convenient but the hair starts to grow back practically within hours. Some prefer to use hair removal creams since there are no shaving nicks and cuts to deal with.

Waxing and epilating can be longer lasting forms of hair removal, but can be painful, and in the case of waxing messy as well. So really this question can only be answered by the woman herself!


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