How Effective Are the Scar Removal Creams?

The scar removal creams often promise wonders. Actually no matter what they are trying to promise, the scar removal creams aren’t exactly as wondrous as their producers claim.


According to a research, each two of five teens have been using acne removal cream that is not so effective. This is so, because of the expectation of the people.

scar-removal-creamThere are no magical creams that will make the scar disappear, especially if the scar is deep into your skin.

The truth is these creams work, if they are combined with special medical treatment or procedure.

Most of them contain bleaching ingredientsthat simply bleach the dark brown spots or scars.

Some creams contain more than 2% hydroquinone, which isn’t recommendable, especially if you are a teenager.

A cream that contains more than 2% hydroquinone can cause severe changes in skin color.

Therefore, don’t use any scar removal creams without consulting with your dermatologist.

The most adequate treatment for scar removal is chemical peeling. Your dermatologist will tell you whether it is appropriate for you. It usually takes between 4 and 6 hours to obtain a peeling effect, but make sure you are doing it in a professional way.


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