Low SPF Sunscreen Lotions Should Be Banned

With skin cancer levels on rise, health experts fear that skin care products with low sun protection factor are giving consumers false promises and they sincerely suggest that sun-creams below SPF 15 should be banned.

Skin cancer cases have been rising faster than any other form of cancers in UK in past 20 years and the most deadliest form, malignant melanoma, now claims to be on rise in UK than in Australia.

It was estimated that 57% of total population use sunscreen, while 60% of those wear sunscreens use products with SPF below 15.


Dr John Ashworth, a consultant dermatologist, said a radical shift in Government health policy was required. ‘I think anything less than factor 15 is worthless,’ he said. ‘If you have only got a tiny bit on, and it’s a really hot day then the little protection it does give you will be quickly sweated off.

Read more at Daily Mail


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