Manuka Honey Fights Skin Bacteria

honeyHoney collected from the manuka bush, which grows throughout New Zealand, has a reputation as a great cure for various ailments and infectious conditions.

For centuries the beneficial properties of honey has been used by healers due to its anti bacterial properties. However, manuka honey is supposed to be extra special.

In fact, recent research has discovered that the manuka has three times the amount of active anti bacterial agents compared to any other honey. It can not only protect the skin and heal it, but also it has strong replenishing strengths as well.

It is seen as new best natural product on the market and it is fairly cheap as it is easily available. Manuka honey combats bacteria not only the very common type but also difficult strains for example the methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) currently devastating hospitals worldwide. [Natural Skin Care]

The long term use of products, made from the honey have been found completely safe for humans so it is ideally suited for use in a daily skin care regime. No side effects have ever been noted by any scientist anywhere. The list of the benefits that it can provide is seemingly endless.

For sensitive skin it will be anti-inflammatory and is a natural anti oxidant. It is moisture retentive and can greatly improve the texture of skin. As a natural stimulant of the body’s immune system, it will replenish and return skin back to good health.

The population of New Zealand has been telling everyone for decades, just how good it is and now everyone can finally find out for themselves.


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