Natural Oils More Effective For Moisturizing

A moisturizer needs both water and oil to work effectively. An alternative could be a humectant like glycerin but even that works better with a bit of oil added to it.

Whilst certain natural occurring oils work well on most parts of the body care must be taken in choosing what to apply to your face.[Natural Oils]

Olive and Macadamia oils work well and have some great rejuvenating properties, most oils like this which are found naturally occurring in plants have many beneficial qualities.natural oils

Notably they will not clog the skin’s pores, which is often a problem with man made chemicals.

There is a world of difference, however in rubbing a small amount of Avocado oil into a patch of dry skin than using it every day as a face moisturizer. In most cases, whether we like it or not, large manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year on sourcing ingredients that work on women’s skins.

A newly launched product will quickly lose its allure if it receives a bad review in the beauty pages of a top fashion magazine. Alternatively, if it is well received it can make the said company a fortune in sales as a lot of women listen to the advice that they read.

So whilst you can decide to try different natural ingredients for yourself why not utilize the money spent so you don’t have to waste any of yours.

Whatever product you ultimately choose, make sure your daily routine fits your lifestyle and make quick changes if something doesn’t feel right for you.


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