Nourish And Protect Your Skin From Harsh Elements!

Bliss orange bounty set

If you want to experience the benefits of a fabulous spa at home, Bliss orange bounty set is a perfect choice. The exclusive orange bounty set of Bliss, inspired by a cocktail, rounds out its fragrance range with a new flavor.

This particular set includes a skin cleansing scrub, which lathers up to give a supreme smoothing effect. It also includes shower gel and body butter.

The shower gel gives up foam fast to smoothen the skin and the body butter instantly drenches dry skin, leaving you with soft fragranced skin.
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Euoko extreme cellular nutrition masque

Suited to all skin types, this particular hyper hydrating and marine laden mask gives you better protection from polluted environments.

The unique formula of masques pumps up the skin’s natural ability to defend itself from harmful elements. The active ingredients of the masque significantly soothe and protect your skin cells from daily stressors.

The glycoprotein, extracted from Antarctica Sea, included in the gel, guards your skin against harsh elements and leads to the creation of elastin and collagen.

Apply a generous layer of this masque over the entire face. Allow it to settle for few minutes (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) and then rinse it thoroughly. [ via ]


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