Skin Cancer Cream May Cure Wrinkles

skin careWhile the pharmaceutical cream Efudex may work well to cure the early signs of skin cancer before they can progress, it may also serve as cosmetic purpose as well as recent research by US scientists shows that it also can help make skin appear younger as well as erase wrinkles.

Traditionally the cream is used to treat actinic keratoses, the form that carcinoma takes before it fully develops, but it has now also been found to smooth over rough spots as well as wrinkles, brighten and rejuvenate skin color, and at the same time erase brown spots.

University of Michigan Professor Dr. Dana Sachs who has done some extensive research on the drug for cosmetic reasons stated that the cream apparently heals signs of aging in the same way it helps heal skin that has precancerous growths on it.

Efudex is usually used on areas of the skin that have been over exposed forming scaly or bumpy lesions on the skin, but now according to Sachs the drug may do wonders for skin.

Not without a price however, as Sachs was careful to also mention that sometimes the skin can become red and inflamed if a patient has a bad allergic reaction to it.

In fact, the red inflammation almost always occurs, but the payoff is that if you can tolerate your reflection for a few days once the swelling dissipates the skin looks and feels much younger.

Sachs continued to say that many of her patients who endure the discoloration glow with praise for the drug and are overjoyed to see they look much younger and learn they are now cancer free.


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