Skin Nourishing Yoghurt Removed From Market

French yoghurt makers Danone have been marketing a new range of yoghurts not only in France but across Europe and other parts of the world for the last two years.

The yoghurt known as Essensis was heavily marketed as having the capabilities of nourishing the skin and improving its appearance in a natural way simply by eating the tasty product.

They claimed in advertising that the yoghurt was high in many helpful ingredients such as green tea extract Borage oil and high amounts of vitamin E.

And according to their advertising, the yoghurt was capable of providing users with exceptional improvements to the quality of anyone’s skin in just a few weeks of eating one of the yoghurts per day.essensis

Now the company has issued a statement saying that it has withdrawn Essensis from the market. The bottom line was that it simply failed to take off and catch the imagination of its intended market.

They were hoping to jump on to the highly successful and similar Probiotic yoghurt drinks in market. For some reason the public just failed to comprehend or believe the claims of the manufacturer.

The company believes that the public did not appreciate the possibilities of eating a simple food could bring beauty enhancements to the skin.

Whereas they could understand that Probiotic enters the stomach and intestines and were therefore capable of offering assistance in that area.


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