Tea Tree Oil For An Amazing Skin Treatment

Tea tree oil originated in the “land down under”, Australia. The tribe’s people of Australia once used this oil as a remedy.

These tribes boiled the leaves of the paperbark tree to make poultices to put on wounds and infections. The oil is an antiseptic.

Tea tree oil works to help the immune system. You may see that results of tea tree oil are somewhat slower but very beneficial.

Tea tree oil can treat your skin irritations, psoriasis, cold sores, and many other infections. It has great medicinal purposes.tea tree oil

How It Works?

This antiseptic has chemicals in it called terpenoids. Terpenoids in tea tree oil enable it to do its work. It can treat many parts of your body. If you are having trouble with athlete’s foot, tea tree oil is great as a fungus fighter.

Acne may be something that you cannot seem to get rid of from your face. You can fight this annoying skin disorders with tea tree oil. It fights bacterial infections.

Products from Tea Tree Oil

Many skin products that you can purchase have tea tree oil in them. Tea tree soap cleanses your face and body and will not over dry your skin. Body washes made with tea tree oil and lemon oil will actually invigorate your skin.

For your convenience, you can purchase deep cleansing wipes that will unclog your pores. If you are a woman, you can use the wipes to take off your makeup.

These wipes include peppermint essential oil along with the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil wipes help to control the oil on your face. It combats acne that you already have, and prevents new acne from coming up.

Cons of Using Tea Oil

It is not a good idea for you to take tea tree oil internally. This oil could have toxic effects to it. There have been some proven side effects with the ingesting of tea tree oil. Having a hard time functioning and drowsiness can occur when it is taken orally.

It is best to dilute tea tree oil with water when you are going to use it topically. This will help to prevent any irritation of the skin area. Tea tree oil, while used for many years, has not had a lot of research done on its effects to the human body.

Pros of Using Tea Oil

You will find rave reviews about what tea tree oil has done for many people. Many people swear by its medicinal effects. People say that the oil is a better antiseptic than peroxide.

They prefer to use the oil as a remedy rather than peroxide on cuts and abrasions. Some people carry a bottle of tea tree oil with them just in case they need it.

Today taking tea tree oil from the leaves by steam distillation is a common thing. It has become very commercialized and easy to find. You can purchase it in just about any health food store in your local community.


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