The Best Sun Protection Creams Are Not Always The Most Expensive

sun protectionEveryone wants their skin to have a sun kissed glow especially young people, who will spend years exposing themselves to the harmful rays of the sun and speed up the aging process if they do not protect themselves.

In the United States, an enormous eighty percent of the population, under the age of twenty five, feels it is important to be tanned.

Saloons and beds targeting this obsession can be found on every street corner and it is a booming business worth a lot of money.

Whilst in most cases these establishments are perfectly safe it is up to the individual to protect their skin by using a good quality cream and wear sunscreen that will make a healthy tan a good thing and not a huge risk in the future.

Too much exposure to the sun will not only cause wrinkles it will also increase the risk from skin cancer and must be taken very seriously. It is not necessary to avoid the sun altogether, just protect yourself and be careful.

Often a cool breeze will conceal the strength of a hot day, and cause major sun burn which can be very debilitating.

A good brand of sun cream does not always mean buying the most expensive; check the factor, which will show the level of protection it will give you.

If you are light skinned then you will usually burn quicker so use a stronger product, a good guide is your natural hair color. Those with olive skins can brown very easily but still need to protect themselves.


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