Tinted Moisturizer: The Latest Beauty Craze

Recently, tinted moisturizer has become very popular with glamorous women. Celebrities, performers as well as make up artists have long been experimenting and mixing their favorite moisturizers[Face moisturizer] and liquid foundation.

What comes out of this concoction is a smooth moisturizer with a tinge of color or a smooth liquid foundation which also moisturizes the skin while adding a touch of color to it.

Tinted Moisturizer

Advantages of tinted moisturizer

One major advantage of using tinted moisturizer is that they are able to cover up even the smallest of flaws and imperfections that regular make ups cannot.

And while it provides the perfect cover, you can still have a natural tone to skin and keeps it moisturized. Wearing make up everyday tends to dry out the skin and sometimes, this causes premature skin aging.

When a woman uses tinted moisturizer, the skin gets extra moisture which regular make ups take out.

It is very important to moisturize our skin everyday to maintain its healthy appearance and its overall well being.

Dry skin may cause irritations and itching, and for those who gets more sunlight or have worn a lot of make up over the years may experience dryness as well as premature skin aging. This will lead to tightening and wrinkling of the affected areas.

When we use moisturizers, the skins loosen up as some oils and moisture comes back. This is why it is very important to use tinted moisturizers to bring back the moisture and minimize the damage to the skin due to constant wearing of make ups while adding a bit of color.

These days, tinted moisturizers are not only limited to the use of artists and make up artists, many cosmetic brands and lines have developed their very own tinted moisturizer for everyday use.

These tinted moisturizers usually come in the same shade of liquid foundations or make up. Many women prefer using these products instead of liquid foundation as their base for make up application.

Tinted moisturizer means less make up

Tinted moisturizer makes it possible for women to wear less make up without feeling or looking bare at all. One can still look and feel great simply by choosing a tinted moisturizer that matches their skin tone and wear it as complete make up.

In some cases, women would opt for a slightly darker shade to give off a tanned and healthy appearance to their face. Sometimes, a blusher is worn over moisturizers, and sometimes, they are left as a stand alone product that leaves a polished look while keeping your face light with less make up products.

Buying the right tinted moisturizers

There are a lot of tinted moisturizer brands out in the market today, but the best way to get one that appeals to you is to mix your own. Choose the foundation that gives you the best coverage and the moisturizers that works best for your skin.

Then just mix these two together for a healthy and beautiful skin all the time. It is cheaper this way and you get only the best appearance because you?ve used the exact foundation shade for your skin tone.


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