6 Tips to Choose the Right Face Wash

Skincare requires from you your time and reasonable investment because taking care of skin is no joke. Everyone has different skin types, and for every skin type, there are different treatment methods. For example, those with dry skin types will need to focus on hydrating their skin more than people with other skin types.

In this article, we will talk about ways to choose the right face wash—which is one of the many necessities of skincare. People tend to unmindfully select face wash and this does harm to their skin. You need to purchase a face wash which suits your skin, and hence, we have listed down 6 tips to help you to do the job right.

6 Tips to Choose the Right Face Wash

1. Determine the skin type

It is unforgivable if you do not know your skin type, and hence you should immediately do some research on your skin—touch it and you will most likely know.

There are many skin types: dry, oily, sensitive and normal. Each skin type has distinct issues, for example, people with oily skin are prone to breakouts whereas dry skin fails to retain moisture for longer periods. You can find out your skin type byconsultingyour dermatologist.

2. Oily skin

Well, while we still recommend you to consult a dermatologist, we will not leave you without some suggestions.

Those with oily skin have anexcess of oil in their skin, and this makes them more vulnerable to breakouts. To handle such skin, you should opt for a face wash which uses ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree extracts. These ingredients will control breakouts and regulate oil secretion in your oil glands.

3. Dry skin

Dry skin lacks moisture, and hence, there is a need of a good supply of ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter,and coconut. These will nourish your skin and keep it hydrated for longer periods.

4. Sensitive skin

People who have sensitive skin struggle a lot, as their skin is sensitive to almost anything applied to it. However, there are ways you can manage such skin adequately: say NO to acids or exfoliants; use milk-based moisturizers, etc. Aloevera and rose water will help greatly in keeping off redness and flare-ups.

5. Normal skin

If you have normal skin, you are a blessed creature as there are minimum skincare concerns with this type. However, this does not mean you treat your skin lightly; instead, look for a face wash with berry extracts which will help in the retention of skin glow. You can also go for ingredients such as lactic acid which acts as a mild exfoliate on your skin.

6. Types of face wash

You should research well on the various kinds of face wash which are available in the market. There are gel-based face washes which go with every skin type; foam-based face washes which usually go with oily skin types; and cream-based face washes which work wonders for dry skin but do the opposite to oily skin.


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