Vegan Skin Care Tips and Pointers

If you are vegan, good for you. But you are probably concerned about being ethically vegan when it comes to skin care – what is OK to use and what is not; and you are possibly also concerned about the possible impact of a vegan diet on one’s skin. If so read on to resolve your doubts about vegan skin care.

Get enough protein

There is one view that finds that a vegan diet may not contain enough protein in it, with the result that the skin may appear sallow, tired or dull. However this isn’t necessarily the case for some loss of skin tone and lack of elasticity of the skin may be noted in some cases. However by including enough whole grainand soy in the diet, these issues can be addressed.

Vegan-Skin-Care-TipsDon’t smoke

This can make your skin worse and the habit shouldn’t fit into a vegan lifestyle anyway.

Tone down the colors

Avoid clothing and make up that can make your skin appear sallow or washed out. Avoid yellows, oranges, mustards, bright greens and so on.

Look after your skin well

Either you can get a professional to massage your face or you can do it yourself, butmassage of the facial skin is great forstimulating the circulation under the skin.

Getting a professional to perform a facial or a spa treatment may also be great for the skin.

Use products that are specific to your skin

Also use products that will help boost circulation so your skin gets adequate nourishment. Look for natural ingredients such as ginseng, rosemary, and peppermint because these ingredients are known to help dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the skin. Mineral based skin products can also impart a glow to the skin.

How to look for vegan products

Firstly go organic, most organic products are more likely to conform to the requirements of a vegan lifestyle. Secondly look for products that don’t have as many ingredients listed on them – the fewer theingredients the less likely the product is to have harmful chemical. Many skin care products are specifically labeled ‘Vegan’ as well.

Go natural with skin care

Use papaya as a natural face pack, use sea salt as a natural body scrub, use avocado to naturally moisturize the skin, use the natural pulp from an aloe vera plant to keep skin supple and soft and also heal minor cuts and wounds. Use lemon juice to get rid of dandruff and use orange zest as a natural face cleanser.


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