What Exactly Are Botanical Skin Products?

More and more you can find beauty product ranges labeled as botanical, which sounds very healthy but skepticism creeps in because often there is not enough information explaining what this actually means.

Botanical means literally plant based, in other words they are a blend of nature and science. Unfortunately some ingredients sound very natural for example mineral oil.

In fact the latter is not a good thing for your skin at all and is only used by most manufacturers because it is readily available, in other words it costs next to nothing.mineral oil

Smell is a big factor when purchasing a particular beauty product and often the first thing we do is to breathe in the odor it gives out. Surprisingly something might smell like a fragrant rose or another familiar beautiful scent that we seem to recognize from nature,

But you’re most likely being fooled again. Science can create anything it wants to, so if you want the whiff of a rose, a garden is probably the only place to find it.

In a similar way to foodstuffs, most skin care products need preservatives to prolong their shelf life. This is where most products purporting to be botanical will fall short, and in a way the quicker you need to use up a cream or lotion the more likely it is to be genuine.

The most commonly used preservative is known as parabens and it has been shown to be quite hazardous if used long term. Never assume that a botanical labeled item is bound to be good for your skin, get into the habit of checking labels and make sure you do your homework.


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