You Should Be Very Careful With Skin Whitening Products

skin whitening productMany individuals in Asian countries are following the trend to look more Western by lightening their skin.

To meet with this new demand there are many skin care products available in this burgeoning market but care must be taken when choosing the right ingredients.

Do not take any manufacturer’s claim at face value, do your homework and examine exactly what is in the item that you are considering purchasing. Marketing is one thing but if you end up doing damage to your skin it could be irreversible.

If a promise includes overnight results then be very wary indeed, like most things in life which are a quick fix invariably has lasting consequences that are in no way beneficial.

There are safe skin products out there so listen to recommendations especially from someone who has the desired look that you want and is happy at how they achieved it.

Melanin is the chemical that darkens the skin and some of the lighteners works by decreasing its production whilst others approach it by reducing the amount of UV rays that are absorbed by the skin.

One of the naturally occurring ingredients found in many creams is extrapone nutgrass, which is triumphed by both ancient tradition and modern scientific minds. It takes the pigment limiting route and works by reducing the amount of melanin produced.

It is essential to avoid any fragranced products and also those containing higher levels of hydroquinone, less than two percent is the limit for this particular chemical. It can cause disorders of the blood and thicken the skin in doses that are too large.


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