Starbox by LR-Iten

You can now bring your favorite celebrities into your home thanks to the new Starbox by LR-Iten

It has become a new trend among celebrities to create their own fragrancecollection. LR Health & Beauty Systems enjoys working with international stars and supports them in creating their own perfume.

LR decided to combine the creations of several celebrities and hence the idea of the Starbox was born. With a selection of 34 fragrances, out of which 15 are inspired by world-renowned stars like Bruce Willis and the Desperate Housewives as well as Heidi Klum, Michael Schumacher, Boris Becker and Ralf Moeller.

The desirable scents vary from fruity, flowery to oriental or sporty and reflect the personality and charm of the stars. With the help of a pamphlet, included in the kit, you can find out what you have in common with the stars and choose your very own signature scent!

Using a perfume created by your idol makes you feel even closer and more connected to them. A scent always reflects the personality and the lifestyle of a person. Furthermore it has the power to evoke memories and make a statement about your own style. The size of the bottles allows you to easily stow away your favorite perfume in your handbag and the elegant design is a guaranteed eye-catcher at a party. The Starbox is also ideal as a gift.

The concept of scents has a 25 year old tradition for LR Health & Beauty Systems. Exclusive and unique scents, high-quality ingredients and a high perfume oil percentage are the features of the Starbox and all the other LR perfumes.

What makes LR perfumes so unique?

  • High perfume oil percentage
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Exclusive fragrances
  • Strong support of celebrities
  • Cooperation with renowned companies
  • High Quality standards

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