The Most Popular Sun Hats of This summer

Relaxing in the sun is something that we all would like to do, but to make sure that our activities will not be bothered by the sun, we should also wear sun hats. This way we are able to protect our faces against the harmful UV rays of the sun and we can stay comfortable.

There are many different kinds of hats on the market so you can be sure to find one that will be suitable for your needs.

Sun hats

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

This hat against the sun comes with an UPF 50fabric and offers 360 degrees protection. In order to make sure that your head stays dry during the hot summer days there are mesh side panels and there is also moisture soaking sweat band on the inside.

There is a side strap on the hat against the sun that is adjustable so it will fit everybody. The price of the product is of about $25.

Billabong Cienna Wide Brim Hat

This one of the sun hats is made of straw that is woven and the truth is that it looks more stylish than above mentioned hat. It has the possibility to guard your head against the Sun’s harmful ultra violetrays, but not in the same measure as some of the other hats against the sun. If you happen to prefer style over protection, than this is the one for you. This hat costs about $28.

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

We can say that this is one of the truly unique sun hats. It is made of an UPF 30+ solar shield fabric and it also comes with a sun skirt to offer total protection against the rays of the sun. This item has been especially created for those who run, and this is why it has side air vents and also a moisture retaining Coolmax headband to keep the runner cool.

There is a chinstrap that offers perfect fit for the sun cap so that it doesn’t move while you are running and you might get it for $32.

Columbia Silver Ridge Bucket Hat

The advantage of this type of the sun hats is that it offers you protection both against the rain and the sun. It is made of an UPF 30 fabric and another advantage is that it is able to dry faster than any other hat against the sun on the market.

When looking for hats you will find many different ones, including crushable fabric hats, raffia hats, designer straw hats, and many more. The majority of these hats usually come with flowers, ribbons, beads and logos. There are also numerous popular names that offer trendy hats, such as Juicy Couture, Helen Kaminski, Burberry and Eric Javits

Some people think that the sun hats are a thing of the past, but they belong very much to the present. A lot of women couldn’t imagine their summer attire without one of these items, becoming one of the most important accessories during this season.


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