The Make up Brushes You Must Own

It is not enough to have the makeup, if you don’t have the right tools to apply it. This is why there is a handful of make up brushes that is a must to have.

Essential brushes for make up: the concealer brush

Make up BrushesWith the help of this brush you can apply the concealer precisely and it doesn’t pick up the make up as you blend it. When looking for the ideal brush, you should find one with a firm, flat tampered square head to tamper round, with a long handle and a good weight. In case of the wet of cream concealers it is alright to use a brush with synthetic bristles.

Foundation brush

This kind of brush for make up offers you precision in case of application of different kinds of make up. If you use such a brush you will be able to minimize the spots that the fingers and the sponges can miss.

When shopping for a new brush you should be looking for wide, tapered, flat head, and just as in the case of the concealer brush, the synthetic bristles are suitable for the wet and creamy products.

Large powder make up brushes

This is one of the must to have brushes, because this is the only way for you to be able to distribute lightly and evenly the powder that is the basis of the makeup. In this case you should browse among the brushes for make up until you find one that is large, full and rounded with dense and soft hair.

Usually it is better to opt for the brushes that come with a long handle, but the ones for the mineral makeup will be more compact. If you are looking for the best make up brushes, then look for the ones that come with soft and natural bristles.

The blusher brush

In case you opt for a good design, you will be able to achieve a natural distribution of pigment. In case it is too small, it will pick up too much pigment from one place. You should be looking for full, large head with slight tapering and just as in the previous case, keep an eye out for the brushes for makeup with soft and natural bristles.

Eye shadow brush

These make up brushes have been especially designed for applying color on the eyelids and for blending. If you use its edge, you can also define the eyelid crease. This brush should have a square head and a medium size with slight taper at the corners, flat. The bristles should be soft and natural.

Angled eye make up brush

The advantage of this brush for make up is that you can use it for many different purposes. You can use it to draw fine lines, like the ones close to your lashes, and also for blending and softening the color edges. With the make up brushes you also have the possibility to change the thickness of a line if you turn the angle as you sweep.


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