Top 10 Foot Care Products

Foot care is as important a ritual as any other in the skincare arena. Feet that are sore and tired cannot keep you happy. So here are top 10 foot care products that will keep you feet looking good and feeling great.

1. Peppermint Cooling Pumice Scrub

The cooling pumice is a gel-based scrub that helps exfoliate and soften your feet while the peppermint oil cools your heels and revitalizes tired feet. The dual impact of cleansing and cooling leaves you and your feet feeling refreshed. And the added mint flavor is a plus. Place your order at

2. Diamancel Diamond Foot Buffer

A foot buffer helps file the callus off your feet. Diamancel has 3 foot buffers in various grain sizes. Of these, the #20 is the rasp for filing tough skin. The #11 removes the rough dead skin left behind by the calluses, while the #10 is a buffer used to polish the skin leaving it smooth and silky. These are used dry and is great in treating dry and rough patches of skin. For more product information visit

3. Neutrogena Foot Cream

Competitively priced, the Norwegian Formula Foot Cream from Neutrogena is great with rough, dry and cracked feet. This is a concentrated cream containing glycerin as one fo the active ingredients. It helps smoothen out callus ridden feet. Visit for more about the product.

 Foot Care Products

4. Johnson’s Foot Soap

This product has been in the foot care market since 1870, reasons being – great results, amazing price. The soap soaks up more than it cleans. The product is used to create a foot bath to relieve soreness, aches, pains and softening dry skin. For more on the product visit Johnson’s


5. Spongeables Foot Buffers

The spongeables are little sponges with two sides – the soft side infused with a foaming gel and the other is coated with a scrubbing pad. The soft side is used to create lather and cleanse the feet while the scrub side exfoliates and massages the feet. The sponges are available in 2 scented aromatherapy types namely: Citron-Eucalyptus and Lavender-Tea Tree Oil. The best part is that each sponge lasts forup to 20 uses. This luxurious home-spa treatment will leave your feet feeling cleaner, softer and refreshed. Order your set of spongeables from

6. Foot Rubs Massage Balls

If you do not have any one to massage your tired feet then these FootRubz is the best alternative. The way to use this is to place the rubs on the floor and roll your foot over it with as much force as you wish. These balls are sturdy and flat which is ideal for massaging sensitive feet. Stop when you are done. Their website gives you full information on where to buy FootRubz.

7.  Micro-pedi Callus Remover

This battery operated callus remover is an ideal tool for those with rough and dry feet. The unique roller spins fast enough to remove the callused skin in just a matter of seconds. For those with troubled feet and no time to visit salons, this is the best way to take care of their feet. Visit toorder the product.

8. Bliss Foot Patrol

This cream is a great formula that keeps feet active for a day long routine. The unique formula sloughs away the dry dead skin, heals cuticles and hydrates the skin of your sensitive feet, thus making them ready for a day of challenges. Get your pack from

9. H2O Pumice Foot Scrub

The scrub exfoliates rough spots, massages calluses and soothes tired feet. The scrub contains fine grains of volcanic pumice that helps polish rough feet. The deep sea weeds help replenish the lost moisture. The menthol formula cools and soothes the tired feet. Visit to order this product.

10. Scholl’s Foot Smooth Shower Scrub

This scrub has exfoliating granules and a vegetable wax called jojoba which has hydrating properties. The combination of both these active ingredients gives excellent results. for more information visit


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