Top 10 Hair Straightening Products

For those who are blessed with natural thick and straight hair, hair straightening does not occur in their list of beauty treatments. But for the rest of us who wish to have a straight mane, styling products and prolonged treatments are the only way to have straight hair. New straightening products come in toxin-free and natural versions of their synthetic counterparts. Here are the top 10 hair straightening productsthat will help transform your hair into a silky smooth bunch.

Hair Straightening Products

1. Keratin Perfect

This 30-day hair smoothening system is a 5 piece collection with each of the products containing keratin in its natural form. The shampoos and the serums work together to create the final straightened effect. The special keratin formulations are obtained from natural sources such as sheep’s wool and collage extracts from silk proteins. These resurface the cuticle and seal the shine for as long as 30 days. This product is ideal for those who want to reduce the frizz but retain the wave. You can order your product directly from

2. Pravana Prefection

This is a salon treatment formula that prevents hair damage with its natural ingredients. The paraben -free shampoos and conditioners help nourish your hair right in the comfort of your home. The formulation softens the bond in the hair structure and keeps the hair flat and smooth for up to 12 weeks. Pravana Perfection Smooth Out treatment is an ideal product for thick and long hair that is difficult to straighten. For more information on the product, visit

3. Bumble&Bumble Concen–straight

This is a 30 minute smoothing treatment that can be applied on towel dried air followed by application of flat ironing. The process leaves hair straight and smooth for up to 30 shampoos. The formula consists of sodium meta bisulfite, tourmaline and pearl powder that work together to weaken the sulfur bonds in the curly hair and realigns them to give silky smooth hair without causing damage to the hair. For latest offers visit their online store

4. Redken Texture

This smoothing neutralizer is a salon exclusive product without formaldehyde in its formulation. It acts by reconditioning hair and relieving frizz, the effects of which are long lasting smoothness for about 4 months. The treatment gives a much customized look by leaving the hair underneath the crown waving in order to retain volume. To locate your nearest retailer visit

5. Corioliss K2

The flat iron is equipped with the novel vapor infusion technology that straightens conditions and keeps the hair shiny and soft as well. It comes with multiple steam settings that infuse argan oil into the strands. The specialized ceramic plates close the cuticle layers and thus lock moisture inside them. The ceramic plates also emit far infrared heat that prevents damage to the hair due to the styling. Ideal for thick and coarse hair which needs taming and some shine. Visit for the best deals on this product.

6. Ojon Super Sleek

This is a 90-minute hair straightening system that can be achieved at home. The formula is ideal for relaxing wavy to medium curly hair for as long as 30 days, the super sleek is composed of natural plant and minerals. The patented Ojon oil functions as a restorative agent. The system acts on a variety of hair textures. To shop online visit

7. Living Proof Straight

This is an instant, easy to use spray based straightener that is applied to wet hair before application of blow dry or flat iron on the hair. The formulation consists of a patented polyfluroester that blocks humidity, repels debris and dirt and keeps hair straight for a long time. Visit their website to get the product.

8. VO5 Smoothing Crème

After using a flat iron, the hair can become pretty rough. To avoid such damage to your hair, apply VO5 Smoothing Crème before applying the iron to the hair. The crème will smooth out the frizz and keeps your hair silky and healthy. Available online at including

9. Redken All-Soft Shampoo

This is a great shampoo that makes your hair soft and bouncy by eliminating frizz. What is more, the effect lasts for a long time and is complete values for money. Visit their website for more details.

10. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum

The serum is for getting smooth and straight hair while on the run. Just apply it before blow drying or ironing and you will have silky tresses in a jiffy. Order online at


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