Top 10 Nail Care Products

If you are looking at solving your pesky nail problems and seeking the top products then you have reached the right place. Here are the top 10 nail care products that will help you achieve just that.

1. Curel Targeted Therapy

This fast absorbing hand and cuticle cream is non-greasy and softens without making a mess. It conditions cuticles and prevents hangnails. Formulated with soy milk, vitamin E and monoi oil and Curel is a great product for chapped knees, elbows and heels too. Visit the for complete details of the product.

 Nail Care Products

2. CND Cuticle Eraser

This cuticle care cream is a daily use lotion that nourishes the nail beds to prevent the common problems of dry and cracked fingers. The cream acts as a gentle exfoliating agent the removes dead debris from the cuticle. The added incentive is that its fruity fragrance keeps your hand smelling nice. The website provides more details on this product.

3. Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail

Repeated washing of hands leads to dry hands and cuticles. The best way to prevent this is by using Vaseline Healthy hand & Nail after every wash. Available in a purse friendly tube form, the lotion also helps growth of healthier nails and soothes chapped elbows and knees as well. This is deemed as the best nail and hand lotion available in the market.  It is available on

4. Orly Bonder

Orly Bonder is a popular nail enamel that binds the nail polish firmly to the nail, preventing chipping and cracking within a few hours of application. The quick dry formula makes it an ideal product for those on the go. It works well with all kinds of nail colors irrespective of its brand. What is more the product is not tested on animals. is the website that enables you to have an in depth view of the product and order it online.

5. Avon Nail Enamel Corrector Pen

For all those who find polishing their nails an ordeal, here is a spectacular product from the Avon Nail Experts – the nail enamel corrector pen. The pen can get even the darkest of dark polishes off your skin in a jiffy. This one is a must have in every vanity bag 6. Sally Hansen Nail polish remover. Visit their website and order your corrector pen right now.

7. Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

For those with stubby fingers and short nails, this product acts miraculously. Pumped with peptides, vitamins, biotin and keratin the formulation reinforces the nails and prevents any kind of damage to the nail, thus ensuring proper nail growth.  Visit the website and order your pack today.

8. Burt’s Bees Cuticle Crème

This is not just another cuticle cream to guard your nails. Coming from the house of Burt’s Bees this is a 99% natural product that keeps your hands, feet and nails healthy. Visit their website and order this eco-friendly product right away.

9. Sephora Glass Nail Files

Unlike emery boards, glass files can be used in any direction and is a great product for sensitive nails. Though made of glass, the Sephora Glass files are very durable. They can also be used to smooth rough patches on your toes and heels. They are pretty quick and a must in every vanity bag. It is also available in a choice of bright colors. Visit for ordering this product.

10. Revlon Emery File

An alternative to emery boards, the Emery files are made of metal and very sturdy and durable. They are firm and do not wear out nor chip your sensitive nails. They are also compact and fit easily into standard purse sizes. Visit for more information and order it online.


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