Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Care

Make up brushes come in all sizes and types and this bewildering array of brushes can make one wonder about their purpose and function. You can use your fingers or you can use a sponge, but there are instances where makeup brushes will give you a better, more even and smooth result:

1. The Powder Brush

Makeup-BrushesThis is the round and bushy looking brush, often the biggest kind of makeup brush. There is really no other way to apply loose powder in an even and smooth manner. Being large this brush lets you cover larger areas at the same time, sweeping evenly over the skin.

2. The Contouring Brush

This is typically a firm brush that is angled to help contour the face to create effective highlights and shadows. This is the brush you can use for applying highlights to the face. Though a separate eyebrow brush can be used for adding definition to the eyebrows a contouring brush can double as an eyebrow brush.

3. Concealer Brush

Many of us tend to use our fingers for applying a concealer and for a great many of us this works well. However some concealer and some skin types show better results with a brush, particularly for use in areas such as the dark circles under the eyes.

4. Lip Brush

Now this is one item that has perhaps no substitute. It can work for very precisely outlining the lips and also for filling in color. When you use a lip brush it can help the color stay on longer. It can be used to apply color from a solid lipstick or from liquids and glosses.

5. The Foundation Brush

Many women find that a sponge works best for applying concealer, some even sweating by their own fingers. But a foundation brush can help with even and precise application with smoother results.

6. Eye Shadow Brush

The skin here is typically very thin and applying color smoothly can be challenging. This is an angle brush that helps sweep colon on the entire eyelid, including the hard to reach corners.

7. Makeup Brush Care

Having once invested in quality makeup brushes, be sure to keep them clean. This helps prevent product buildup and also removes bacteria and other debris that could harm the skin or even cause breakouts. You may need to use a brush cleaner in many case you can simply wash the brushes to keep them clean. Cleaning brushes once a week is a good idea.


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