Use Sunglasses – Up Your Style Quotient And A Whole Lot Besides!

They are hip and cool and after smoking become so last century and uncool, it is the one accessory that still instantly spells cool.

Sunglasses, shades, dark glasses, sun cheaters, call them what you will, are useful for more than just looking cool, or hiding the fact that the morning after the night before is just a little difficult for you!

Good quality sunglasses are anti ultraviolet rays, so they cut out harmful radiation that would otherwise hit your eyes. They protect the pupils of the eyes from strong light penetrating.

Risk of eye problems such as photokeratitis, snow blindness, cataracts, pterygium, and various forms of eye cancer can be lessened as well. They also provide a lot of comfort for when the glare of the sun or artificial light can be harsh and obtrusive.sunglasses

And think of how you frown and squint to keep the bright light out of your eyes? It is these facial expressions that contribute to the furrows, the lines, the crow’s feet that develop on the face: the side of the eyes, between the brows, bracketing the mouth.

So wearing sunglasses also has the unexpected benefit of helping you keep at bay, these telltale signs of aging for just a tad longer!


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