A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Skin

One way or another you have heard the saying that beautiful skin is more than skin deep. It is very true; the skin is just a mirror of the countless activities going on underneath it.

You may try tons of anti-ageing and whitening creams but if you do not take extra care of the inside it will only last for a while and the real state of your health will eventually show on your skin.

Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Skin

How is this possible? The skin is the largest organ of the body that serves as the initial body defense against the outside environment. This involves millions of cells working 24 hours a day.

Other than protection, it also serves as a way of excreting body wastes and toxins through sweating via the sweat glands.

The body gets its primary nutrients from the food ingested, which is processed by the mouth and then the stomach.

After the process of digestion, the liver and the kidneys play an important role in the re-absorption of nutrients and its distribution to all body organs through blood circulation. The same organs separate the waste products and toxins which are finally excreted as urine or stool.

So how is the skin condition related to these organs? The skin condition is related to these major organs in the process of excretion of waste products.

If the liver and the kidneys are in perfect condition and are able to perform their functions, all the toxins are excreted out of the body, and this will manifest as a healthy, radiant looking skin.

But, if the liver and the kidneys are overloaded with toxins from the food eaten, the air breathed and the stress of modern day living; it begins to malfunction and creates a hormonal imbalance.

When this happens, toxins and waste products are not completely removed from the body and stay trapped inside the bloodstream.

As a result of too much toxins and hormonal imbalance the skin becomes oily, damaged and clogged. Several skin conditions and eruptions will appear and be seen all over the face and body.

What is the secret then to a young, beautiful and healthy skin? It lies underneath it, take care of your body by eating a balanced diet, having a regular exercise, have enough rest and sleep, get involved in stress reducing activities and have relevant food supplements needed. If you are able to do this, you will have not only a healthy skin, but, a strong body, a sharp mind and a positive spirit!


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