Acne Can Be Affected by Obesity and High Carb Diet

Experts have long told us that acne has nothing to do with our diet and it isn’t those gooey chocolatedonuts that were responsible for your last breakout, but recent research seems to suggest otherwise. Another thing that seems to affect acne breakouts is weight.

According to a recent report in the New York Times blog, excess weight is linked to acne. The problem of moderate to severe acne, which may affect as many as 20% of all teens, is seen to be impacted by one’s BMI or weight. This is particularly found to be the case among young women.

Acne Can Be Affected by Obesity

A study that examined about 3,600 teens was reported in The Archives of Dermatology journal, found that many factors affect acne. Puberty is an obvious factor that is known to cause acne; however being overweight is another risk factor here.

Researchers have found that certain types of acne, especially the inflammatory lesions variety of acne can be exacerbated by being overweight or obese.

Researchers think that it is hormones that are most likely at the bottom of acne development among overweight young people. Obesity can increase the amount of androgens in the system, which in turn increases acne risk.

It could be a combination of factors that impact acne risk, think some experts: since being overweight and having acne are both likely to cause issues of self esteem and stress among young people, the stress hormone may also add to the problem of acne.

One’s diet may also be responsible for acne breakouts found another study; in particular foods that are high in carbohydrates or have a high glycemic index. What a typical American eats is usually high in simple sugars and carbs such as refined flours. These foods are digested easily and tend to spike blood sugar levels.

This spike of blood sugar could increase the amount of oil or sebum that the skin produces which could lead to acne. It is possible that the increase in amounts of testosterone could contribute to acne.

Another food item that could cause acne is milk, another study found. This may owe itself to the fact that certain hormones are found to be present in milk which could trigger acne.

So to cure acne, it is advisable to have a low glycemic index diet, include Omega-3 in the diet (walnuts, flaxseeds and sardines are a good source), and to have less of dairy products.


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