The Truth About Anti Aging Therapy

Aging is a natural process, but still a lot of people would like to stop it or to reverse its effects. Regarding this matter you might have heard a lot about anti aging therapy, but you may not know what that means.

What is anti aging therapy?

When it comes to aging, people usually have two different theories. There is the damage theory and the programmed theory. The main focus of the damage theory is to consider the damage that has been made to the cells over the time. This is done considering the external factors that cause the aging.

anti-aging-therapyThe other part of the therapy for anti aging, the programmed theory, is more interested in the genetics of people, more specifically in how long the cells can remain healthy. In this case the internal factors are taken into consideration.

There are a lot of scientists who are saying that one of the main causes of the aging process is chronic inflammation. This means that as people get older it is more likely that they will suffer from different inflammatory diseases.

These damage the brain, arterial walls, heart and also other body structures, and this should be fought by the therapy for anti aging. In the case of such health issues the skin condition degenerates gradually and presents increasing aging signs.

There are also some illnesses that could be linked to chronic inflammations, and these include heart disease, senility, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and even stroke. In these cases the skin suffers severe aging and this is why people suffering from such diseases look older than they actually are.

Therapy for anti aging in fact is a combination of therapies that are meant to stop or slow down the process of aging. Even more, there is a whole new branch of medicine that is handling such therapies known as longevity and anti aging medicine. These methods seem to be working because they can truly slow down the aging process and they can lengthen the life span of humans. The truth is that the skin anti aging process is conditioned by the general body health so treating the cause may be the only way to fix the effect.

Anti aging therapy is working through caloric restriction, exercise, reducing cellular inflammation caused by the free radicals and it is also through the power of the interpersonal relationships.

The therapy for anti aging can help with several other conditions besides just aging. It also addresses arthritis, dementia, anger depression, excess weight, diabetes, fear, pain, menopause, smoking, psoriasis, sunburn and stress.

What are the methods used in anti aging therapy?

You shouldn’t expect to find artificial drugs used as part of the anti aging therapy. In the majority of the cases it is focusing on the use of natural ingredients that have been proven to have health benefits. There are a lot of different diseases specific for the old age that can be kept at bay with the help of these ‘medications’.

As part of the therapy for anti aging there are used organic vitamins, sea fish oil, ginseng tea, Reishi mushroom and many others. The results could be seen in your overall health, the quality of sleep, skin beauty and even male performance.


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