Best Anti Aging Foods for Skin

The women wishing to get rid of wrinkles or to prevent them from forming should know that the use of creams isn’t the only option that they have. These women should be thinking about the best anti-aging foods for skin. These work just as well as the creams but they are natural.



If you have a cup of strawberries, you will get about 150% of the daily recommended C vitamin amount. This is important because vitamin C keeps the wrinkles away from your face. Another advantage is that vitamin C fights the dryness of the skin which could make the wrinkles more noticeable.


Tomatoes get their red color from lycopene which can keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Another advantage of tomato is that lycopene protects the skin against sunburns. Keep in mind that the supplements don’t work as well as the real thing.


It contains isoflavones that help the skin preserve its collagen levels. The specialists believe that these agents prevent the breakdown of collagen.


Anti-aging foods for the skin are supposed to contain EPA (a kind of omega-3 fatty acid), just like tuna does. This agent preserves the collagen of the skin and it helps skin look firm for longer periods of time.


It is interesting to find out about this one of the best anti-aging foods for skin because chocolate is said to cause acne. The specialists claim that there is no connection between chocolate and skin problems whatsoever. Even more, chocolate may be good for the skin because epicatechin improves circulation to the skin.

Whole Grain

Although this doesn’t act directly on the skin, it is one of the most important ones especially because it keeps the blood vessels in top shape. As a result the circulation to the skin will improve.

There are some other best anti-aging foods for skin as well that you should know about and make sure that you have all these foods in your diet.


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