Facelift Masks And Exercises For Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

Are you worried about the appearance of wrinkles on your face? Maintaining young and youthful skin is the desire of every one.

But, aging process is inevitable and it is quite normal for you to experience the signs of aging like wrinkles as you grow older.

Fortunately, even though it is not possible for you to avoid signs of aging, you can certainly delay the process or appearance of the signs of aging with a few current anti-aging techniques and treatment options.

Facelift is one of the surgical treatments for covering the signs of aging.facelift masks

Simple recipes for facelift masks

However, if you don’t want the pain and scars of the facelift surgery, there are few simple homemade masks that you can try at your home to maintain your youthful look.

Facelift mask using lemon

Besides giving instant effect of facelift, this particular facelift mask works effective for oily skin.

Ingredients required for preparing lemon mask include juice of fresh lemon, 4 tablespoons of milk powder, one egg (beaten), and one table spoon witch hazel.

Add all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly using a blender. Apply this mixture around the neck, covering throat and face. Allow the mask to settle for about 15-20 minutes.

Don’t throw away the remaining mixture. Combine the leftover mixture with warm water and then use this fusion to remove your face mask with a neat wash cloth.

Vitamin E facelift mask

You’ll certainly notice significant difference in your face after using this particular vitamin E facelift mask.

Ingredients required for this particular facelift mask include capsules of vitamin E, ¼ cup heavy whipping cream, and fresh medium sized banana.

Mash the banana and squeeze the gel out of the vitamin E capsules and add it to the mashed banana. Add whipping cream to the mixture and blend all ingredients evenly.

Apply the mask on the neck, face and also throat for about 15 minutes and thereafter gently wipe it with warm water using a clean wash cloth.

Exercise for facelift

Apart from using masks for facelift, you can try few facial exercises to obtain a youthful look. Here is a simple exercise that you should practice every day.

First, close your mouth and tighten your teeth firmly. By applying force, try to pull down your lip corners towards your chin. Ensure that muscles in your neck are standing out and rigid.

Next, while keeping the upper portion of your face relaxed, push up the muscles in your chin upwards so that the corners of your mouth contract towards centre of your face.

Practice this particular exercise quickly for 8 times and then slowly move to at least 4 times a day.


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