Know The Effectiveness Of Ingredients In Anti-Aging Moisturizers

anti aging moisturizerAre you trying to combat the visible signs of aging? Anti-aging moisturizer is best in combating or reducing the signs of aging – wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-aging moisturizer nourishes the skin and gives skin a healthy and youthful look.

As age progresses, skin looses its suppleness due to low hydrate levels in the skin.

Therefore, using anti aging moisturizer regularly can hydrate the skin as well as protect it from free radicals.

People often consider all moisturizers that give more or less the same effects. It was in the past but now the effects of moisturizers have changed according to the type.

Anti aging moisturizers, do much more to your skin than a normal facial moisturizer.

On the other hand, all moisturizers are prepared in almost the same manner. However, some ingredients help imitate the skin’s own moisturizing capabilities.

Therefore, before buying and using, it is essential to gain knowledge about the ingredients of anti aging moisturizers.

Anti-aging moisturizer products and its ingredients

The ingredients of the anti-aging moisturizer are categorized into two forms: humectant agents and occlusive agents. The former enhances the hydration levels in the skin by extracting water from the skin’s underlying layers.

Although urea and lactate are humectant agents of anti-aging moisturizer, they are found naturally in the skin where they effectively help to increase water content in the skin.

The latter builds a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to preserve the moisture in the skin. These agents help to control acne in acne-prone individuals. The most common occlusive ingredients of anti-aging moisturizer are beeswax, petrolatum, paraffin, and cocoa.

Apart from these agents (occlusive and humectant), several other ingredients are also used in anti-aging moisturizers. Emollients, ingredient of moisturizer, fill in gap between the cells on the skin’s surface making the skin look smooth and soft. Emulsifiers are powerful agents that help non-mixable solutions to blend with other ingredients.

Preservatives help to prevent bacteria growth, reducing the possibility of having infection with the use of the product and some fragrances are included in the mixture to beat bad odors and give pleasant aromatic smell when used.

So, before buying an anti aging moisturizer, go through back of the product and check its ingredients properly.

Prepare your own anti aging moisturizer at home

Although there are various expensive anti-aging moisturizers to give a youthful look to your skin, you can prepare your own anti-aging moisturizer.

Take lanolin and beeswax and melt them together using a microwave. Lanolin acts as a protective barrier to preserve skin’s moisturizer whereas beeswax gives good consistency to the moisturizer.

Also, add olive oil to the aloe gel and mix thoroughly. Aloe gel hydrates and plump up the skin where wrinkles are smoothed out and olive oil gives suppleness to the aging skin.

Combine these mixtures together using a rubber spatula and beat it thoroughly until it gets in a smooth consistency. Then add rose water and lavender essential oil to the mixture and beat the mixture continuously until the mixture gets creamy consistency. Rose water helps to clear skin tone and the essential oil adds fragrance to the mixture.

Apply this mixture properly on the skin and massage the skin so that the skin absorbs the moisturizer. Allow it for few minutes and wash off using warm water. Applying this anti-aging moisturizer regularly helps in giving a young look by reducing aging effects.


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