Linefactor Indian Gooseberry For Anti Ageing

For centuries women have been searching for the secret of eternal youth and no doubt will continue for many more.

There are more of these types of beauty products than anything else on the pharmacy shelves.

In recent years, millions of dollars have been spent on research to find new ingredients and new ways to stop the ravages of time.

One such company is Iconic Labs LLC, who has recently launched a brand new range using a substance called Linefactor. The latter is a patented formula, which includes Indian gooseberry.anti ageing

The brand is available on-line meaning that is a lot cheaper than others sold only at retail outlets. This proves that where the search for longer young again is concerned women will be happy to look for solution on the internet.

Linefactor is a combination of a growth factor protector scientifically made and super fruit extracts from the Acai and Goji antioxidant.

By using up to the minute technologies with ancient remedies Iconic Labs have come up with six anti aging products.

For example, Indian gooseberry is purported to be the most powerful super fruit oxidants in the world, by combining it with other berries used extensively in China for thousands of years to increase life spans.

The company claims that by using their new skincare items consumers will see a definitive decrease in wrinkles and finer lines. Skin will be renewed, feeling firmer with more elasticity, and seem much more youthful.

The properties of Linefactor mean that a woman will have constant protection created to rejuvenate and take specific care of the very sensitive eye region.


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