Prevent Premature Skin Aging With Proper Sunscreen Use

Ask any dermatologist, and they will tell you the very best way to prevent wrinkles,  age spots [Removing age spots] and premature aging of the skin is with regular and proper sunscreen use. But what does that mean?

Most of us remember to wear sunscreen when we are going on vacation.

The hard truth is that everyday sun exposure does more skin damage than that week of vacation every year.

A quick look at the skin on your body that never sees the sun compared to the skin of your face, hands, and arms will quickly show you that whether you spend a lot of time outside or are only in the sun when you walk from your home to your car, you are getting sun exposure every day.premature skin aging

Using sunscreen today is more convenient than ever before. Many moisturizers and other make-up products now contain sunscreen. The problem is that when you buy products with sunscreen, you may think you’re covered.

What you must actually consider is how much of your exposed skin is being covered with the sunscreen product. Take make-up for example.

If you have purchased a foundation with an SPF of 15, you may think you are giving your face all the protection it needs.

But are you applying foundation to your neck and throat? To your chest? To your ears? To your eyelid area? Chances are, the answer to those questions is no.

But those areas still need protection from the sun and the premature aging it can cause. A woman’s throat and neck area in particular are quick to show signs of aging.

Your best bet is to buy a sunscreen product that is non-oily, light, and unscented, and apply that completely before you apply your other make-up.

Remember to wear sunscreen on your arms, hands, legs, and any other part of your skin that is exposed, and do so every day. Your skin will thank you by maintaining its youthful appearance.


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