Aromatherapy Essential Oils Will Make Your Skin Sensual And Soothing!

Aromatherapy is one type of beauty treatment which will be carried out by applying aromatherapy oils.

These aromatherapy essential oils are the natural plant oils that help to make your skin smooth and soft and these oils will generate a scent smell while applying.

Through that smell, your mind and body will become fresh.

It is a popular method of enhancing the mental and health benefits that comes from choosing natural approach.

In recent days, aromatherapy is defined as the popular treatment that is being offered in health spas, clinics and private institutions.Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Doctor also prefers aromatherapy for curing small mental and physical problems.

The aromatherapy essential oil will be made by adding the leaves of peppermint and cinnamon, flowering tops of chamomile and lavender, cardamom seeds, hand full of lemon grass, woods such as cedar wood and rosewood, peel of orange or lemon , tea tree twigs,  and  some beneficial essential oils.

This aromatherapy essential oil will be massaged to your skin. During massage, these oils will be inhaled by your skin and body. Your skin will absorb these oils which will go into the blood streams and tissues and makes you relax and feel calm. [Types of massage therapy]

The aromatherapy essential oils are categorized into three types:

The categorization of these oils is done according to the rate of evaporation. These three categories are named as top, middle and base note.

Top note aromatherapy essential oils are the oils which contain strong scent, perfume and most simulating oils that lasts from three to twenty four hours. Example of these top notes oils are: basil, peppermint, coriander, eucalyptus etc.

Middle note aromatherapy essential oils are the oils which contain strong scents. These middle notes oils will last about three to four days. These oils will have the effect on metabolic and other body functions. The examples of these oils are: chamomile, lavender, rosemary, juniper etc.

The base note aromatherapy essential oils are the oils that contain the slowest rate of evaporation and they can last up to one week. They combine sweet and soothing scent with relaxing effect on the body. Examples of these oils are: jasmine, rose, ginger, cedar wood etc.

These are the three categories of aromatherapy essential oil.

The aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from living trees and plants. These oils should be used appropriately for better function otherwise they can cause side effects.

The suggestions that should be followed if you want to try aromatherapy at home:

  • You should dilute essential oils while applying. You should not use them directly.
  • The essential oils are flammable. So, you should keep flame away while using these oils.
  • These essential oils should be used only for external use only.
  • Keep these oils away from kids or small children.
  • You should seek advice of aroma therapist if you want to use these oils during pregnancy.
  • Some medical conditions require doctor’s care. You should use these oils according to your doctor’s suggestion.
  • If you want these aromatherapy essential oils as homeopathy medicine or herbal medicine treatment, then you should ask your homeopathy doctor for better suggestion.

Hence by following above suggestions you can do aromatherapy at home.


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