Astringent – A Toner To Cleanse And Refresh The Skin!

Do you know what exactly astringent is used for the skin? Astringent is basically a toner designed to penetrate through the pores to constrict them, neutralize excess oils, and remove dirt and dead skin cells, giving the skin a healthy effect.

The word is the origin of the Latin word “astringere,” its meaning is “to bind fast.”

When applied to the living tissue, it makes the tissue to bind fast to itself, forming a protective layer of strong tight tissue between the skin’s underneath layers and the elements. This property of astringent is especially useful for various applications.Astringent

Astringent as toner

Astringent is a powerful toner because it contains alcohol to purify the skin and to restrain the growth of bacteria. It also reduces the possibility of pimples [Treating pimples], blackheads [Removing blackheads] and blemishes [Causes of blemishes] by controlling the oil, and keeps away from sagging tissues and the appearance of wrinkles.

So, astringent as a toner not only help the skin make soft and supple, but also cleanses and refreshes while controlling the oil production.

A toner makes the skin moist by removing the traces of extra makeup and opening the pores before applying moisturizer. It is more effective on extremely oily skin and dry sensitive skin.

Astringent is a clear liquid that is to be applied immediately after cleansing, prior to the application of moisturizer. You can also use astringent all through the day to balance the oil production in the skin [Tips for oil skin care].

Keep in mind, particularly when using alcohol-based, that too much application of astringent can make your skin dry. So, apply moisturizer immediately after astringent application. Doing this can make skin not only firm but also moist.

Alcohol-based astringent can be too harsh for more sensitive skin. So, individuals with sensitive skin can try witch hazel to reduce the harshness on the skin. Witch hazel is an element to cleanse the skin. For individuals with very oily skin, alcohol-based astringent is not at all a problem. However, it affects individual with less oily skin by making the skin dry.

If you notice too much dryness in the skin with the use of astringent, then reduce the toner use by number of times. It is to be noted that an effective astringent need to improve the circulation to tighten the skin tissues, control skin oils and maintain the skin’s pH level after cleansing.

On the other hand, a proper care should be taken while using astringent. As the astringent is only for the skin care, use it properly without getting it into the eyes, nose or mouth. If it does, wash it off immediately. Also, wash your hands using soap before and after the application of astringent, as it can make your hands harsh.

If you are unsure of the application of astringent on the body areas, go through the instructions labeled on the product or consult your pharmacist for guidance.

So, enhance the glow and appearance of the skin on the whole with proper astringent usage.


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