Bath Oils to Attain Flawless and Amazing Skin!

bath oilHow can you save your precious time in routine skin care and still look good? Bath oils can be the best option for you.

These bath oils are the perfect way to moisturize your damaged and dry skin and they are also considered as the best way to make your bath both therapeutic as well as aromatic [Aromatherapy essential oils].

Whenever you add oil to your bath, it mainly helps your dry, stressed and damaged skin to make it soft by giving better nourishment.

The warmth of the bath mainly helps the oil to get absorbed into your skin and provides a brilliant moisturizing effect for your skin.

Bath oils can be of any concentrated hydrophobic solution, which mainly contains volatile aroma compounds extracted from plants. They can be simply known as ethereal oils or simply oil of the plant from which they were extracted, for example, oil of clove.

Bath oils are available in various forms and can serve in many different ways. You can also prepare your own bath oil at your home, which can give the desired effect for you and which can suit to your texture of your skin.

Floral bath oil for all types of skin!

Floral bath oil can give better moisturizing effect from normal to dry skin types and it is simple to make and hardly takes 5 minutes to prepare. Here is a simple procedure to make a wonderful floral perfume variation. Just try this simple floral bath and experience the immense effect [Dry skin remedies].

Jojoba oil can be a good choice for you as base oil, as it doesn’t need any refrigerator to store and it also doesn’t go stale. Even grape seed oil can also be used as base oil for massage as it can help your skin to become baby soft.

Take ¾ cup of jojoba oil, ½ teaspoon of rose and lavender essential oils each, ¼ teaspoon of ylang-ylang essential oil and 1 teaspoon essential oil of geranium. Now, try to mix jojoba oil with essential oils and store them in a tightly sealed bottle, in a dark place. Whenever you fill your tub for bath, try to add 2 teaspoons of this solution for your bath. These bath oils can give you better moisturizing effect by getting absorbed into your skin.

These bath oil products are also readily available in many cosmetic stores. So, it is always advised to buy any bath oils or skincare products that suits to your skin type, to which your skin is not sensitive.


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