Beautiful Skin at Your Finger Tips- Facial Skin Care Tips!

facial skin careTime And Money Are Precious! This is applicable for one and all. Stop wasting your money on the very expensive and less effective cosmetic products.

You can pretty well do a good facial skin care by spending less money and more easily without wasting your time. This method is rather much more effective in making us look beautiful than any cosmetics in the world.

Watch Out! You have a brief description of tips and tricks for the best facial skin care.

As you know facials (facial massage) prove to be one of the best facial skin care tip. You can spend less time and also no money to have this done. Even at home you can have a quick facial. All you need to do is splash lots of warm water on your face and then massaging face with olive oil to moisturize your facial skin. Use a half-teaspoon of sugar for scrubbing your face and keep rubbing it until it melts away. Wipe off your face with a warm, wet cloth.

Another good facial skin care tip is to remove your tanning is use a toning mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar and dissolve few aspirins in it twice a day to counter any aging signs in your face. Please note that vinegar flakes off dead skin cells while aspirin is a superb anti-acne product and is also effective on deep acne spots. So this mixture will surely help you keep out from tanning as well as the deadly acne. Makes your facial skin clear!

You can even have a good sleep for a beautiful facial skin! Surprised! See how this is possible. Just three steps for facial skin care to follow:

  • Sleep flat on your back: Don’t dump yourself into pillows and put wait on your face. Be very cautious as this act of yours may cause wrinkles on your face as well as lines. Always better to sleep flat on your back straight.
  • Stay hydrated: Before going to bed use a night cream or moisturizer. Although no strong evidences on how best night creams work when compared to day creams, but this is for your information that since few years the sales of night creams, lotions and moisturizers have increased tremendously.
  • Use a moisturizer after bathing: You should not forget to apply a moisturizer as soon as you have a bath because bathing will remove all the essentials oils and moisture from your body. So lock the pores!

Other handy facial skin care tip is washing your face several times a day and wiping it off with a clean cloth to keep acne off the oily skin. Dry skin people may not follow this as this will enhance their drying problem.

Some more useful facial skin care tips are: if your eyes look puffy or swollen, wash your face and cover your eyes with sliced potatoes or cucumbers for a few minutes. This is really effective in the morning. Olive oil works well as face and eye makeup remover. Clean you nails with white vinegar before applying nail polish for a smoother finish and make it last longer. Olive oil mixed with melted beeswax is a great lip balm. Isn’t it really informative and useful, so check them all trying out your convenient facial skin care tip today!


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