Beauty Fixes You Can Use This Summer

It is just natural that women want to look their best during the summer months. In order to be able to achieve this you should take into consideration the different beauty fixes. You can be sure that there is some solution for all of your problems.

Oily skin

Oily skin

If this is a problem you are struggling with, you should forget about powder. Instead start usingblotting paper. This can absorb the excess oil without ruining your makeup. Another thing you could do is to apply a bit of mattifying lotion under your makeup that will absorb the oil of your skin.

Blotchy skin

In order to take care of this problem all you need is a capsule of evening primrose oil. Puncture it and apply its contents on your face and leave it on for the night. The fatty acids will reduce the redness by the morning. To cover the rest of the redness you try using mineral makeup.

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Sunburned nose

Your nose is the most exposed face feature to the rays of the sun. Also you should know that it is common for the nose to be affected by nonmelanoma skin cancer. Since this area is usually oily, sunscreen breaks down quite fast. You should have a wide brimmed hat and make sure that you applysunscreen on your nose frequently.


If you have breakouts or pimples, you should wash your face with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid at night. Allow the substance to act before you rinse it off. The fastest way to get rid of the pimples is to use prescription acne treatment for the night. The benzoyl peroxide lotions also act very fast.

Melting makeup

If you have to walk in the hot summer day and your makeup melts, you should wait a few minutes to cool down. Then use some blotting paper to blot the perspiration off your face. You don’t have to reapply your foundation, just redistribute it using a wet sponge. Remove the eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara.

Ingrown hairs

Right after waxing you should apply astringent that comes with salicylic acid. This will dissolve the dead skin that could trap the hair. Then apply a thin layer of aloe gel or hydrocortisone cream that reduces the swelling and the redness. If the red bumps don’t disappear within a week, you may be facing folliculitis which is a really common problem among the majority of women.

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