Bee Venom for Skin Care – How It Works

If you thought that bee venom only meant pain and swelling and anti allergic medications, think again. Bee venom or apitoxin is creating waves in the skin care segment for helping to delay signs of skin aging and is also known to have anti inflammatory properties that make it a valuable ingredient in skin care products.


Bee venom the “natural Botox”

The Life and Style section of the Wall Street Journalwebsite refers to bee venom as the “natural Botox” that works by stimulating the skin. Elastin and collagen, which help give skin its youthful appearance are stimulated to be produced by the skin with the help of this ingredient. Bee venom is now being added to face masks, lip plumping potions and skin creams.

So far the uses of bee venom for treatment of diseases such as arthritis and cancer have been examined. And now its possible uses in skin care products is being examined.

Experts such as David Leffell, a professor of Dermatology and Surgery at Yale School of Medicine is skeptical however and thinks there is no clinical data to support the use of bee venom for skin care. Every now and then a new skin care ingredient comes along. How effective it will be depends upon its ability to penetrate the skin however cautions Leffell.

So experts such as Leffell continue to doubt the ability of bee venom to help tighten and smooth the skin. They are of the view that honey could likely do as good a job as a natural moisturizer.

Celebrities have popularized bee venom

Celebrities such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Gwyneth Paltrow have used the product for its skin care and skin healing properties, sparking a lot of public interest in it. Several manufacturers are adding it to skin care products, cosmetics and it is also used for facials and so on.

Bee venom is astonishingly expensive. Just a gram of this material can be obtained from about ten thousand bee stings and is thought to cost as much as 8 times the price of gold.

How effective is bee venom therapy?

Bee venom therapy is used for several different purposes. Though a bee sting will cause local inflammation it also has properties to reduce inflammation. It is also a natural anti coagulant. This means that it is useful for treating rheumatism and also to desensitize people who are allergic to insect stings.


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