Facts and Fiction Regarding Black Henna

Many people have heard of black henna tattoos becoming all the rage around different parts of the world, but these people would probably not be getting the tattoos if they knew the risks involved with the tattooprocess.

When you are not using pure henna for your tattoos, you open yourself up to a variety of different health risks that could have a very negative impact on your overall well-being. You need to make sure you are using henna that comes from the dried leaves of the henna plant if you are going to get a henna tattoo.

Black Henna

Black henna tattoos are different from the tattoos that people are used to in many parts of the world because these tattoos will actually wash off in a matter of a few months.

When you have a henna tattoo, the paste from the henna plant is actually applied directly to the skin and is not put underneath the skin at all. Once you have applied the henna design to your skin, it will flake off after drying and leave a marking of the design you laid out.

While normal, safe henna tattoos are fine for anyone to use, the black version of henna should be avoided at all costs. You cannot risk your health by using the black type of henna because it has been proven to be very unsafe for many different parts of the body.

People use this black version of henna because it makes the tattoo seem more realistic and last longer, but you should never sacrifice your good health for a better looking tattoo.

Side effects of using black henna

The main side effect that most people talk about when it comes to black henna is the development of dry, itchy skin. No one likes to have itchy skin all the time, but that is exactly what you are setting yourself up for if you use this impure type of henna. The reason it is not pure is because it is mixed with a chemical known as phenylenediamine, and this chemical makes the stain left by the henna much more visible over the long term.

Many people have an allergic reaction to phenylenediamine, and that’s what causes the main problems for most people when it comes to these types of henna tattoos.

There have even been cases of death reported by people who used blackened henna, so you have to make sure you understand the health risks of this type of tattoo art. There are better ways to spend your time and money than getting an unsafe tattoo on your body, and you would be much better off if you went the traditional route.

Don’t be another dumb tourist

Tourists seem to be the main group of people that suffer from problems with black henna because they are not aware of the health risks while they are on their vacation. There are plenty of people who get ahenna tattoo in a foreign land only to get some kind of infection 3 or 4 days later when they are in a completely different part of the world.


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