Caring For Your Skin In Old Age

hot bathDry skin is a very common problem for elderly people because it is very prone to tearing which in turn often leads to infection.

The latter should be avoided at all costs as it is hard for the immune system in later life to fight off unwelcome bacteria.

Treating dry skin is very straight forward, however making sure an elderly, and often frail person, keeps up a rigid skin care regime is much more difficult.

If they are looked after on a twenty four hour basis for example by a relative then awareness is the key.

Hot baths and showers should be avoided as they will dry out the skin even more, warm water is more suitable.

Cleanliness is vital, wet or sweaty skin will be prone to various skin conditions, these should be avoided and carer’s should look out for these.

There are products aimed at the elderly that have no detergents and are mainly cream based. Similarly moisturizers and creams that help to keep the body hydrated should also be part of a daily and weekly routine.

Getting to know the needs of elderly skin will also mean that you will notice any changes very quickly. Look out for changing moles or new growths, both of which could be a symptom of skin cancer. Sore areas will often lead to infections so they should be treated very promptly.

The application of talc, to the parts of the body prone to sweat will help and regular use of oil will avoid skin becoming itchy [Itchy Skin]. To balance out the elderly body’s lower oily discharge a lot of intervention is required and carers should be made aware of this.


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