Cleanliness Is Next To Good Skin Appearance

cleanlinessMaintaining good hygiene is vital and is the most effective regime, that anyone can put in place to prevent skin disorders.

Organisms thrive on dirt and as dead cells are secreted they become mixed in with sweat and dust.

If this is then left by the lacking of washing it rots and means the skin is very prone to infections.

If cosmetics are used thorough cleaning must be carried out morning and night as it clogs pores and prevents air getting to the skin.

There is also a possibility of allergies so ensure that the products you use are suitable for your type.

A healthy skin is essentially a balance of micro organisms and it is when this equilibrium is disturbed that problems can occur.

Oily skin is not necessarily bad in fact they lead to less wrinkles compared to those that are dry. Shininess, pimple and blemishes are all signs of an oily skin.

The secret to cleaning an oily skin is to maintain the ph balance by using a product of about a 5 ph and often a gel is better than a cream. Using a toning lotion is also recommended as this will keep the skin hydrated and help maintain the ph balance as well.

Regular use of brands containing a low hydroxyl acid content is useful and certainly worth trying on your skin.

It is worth trying different cleaning system to find the best that suits your skin although give products a chance as nothing will work overnight. If cleansing is part of a regular routine it will be in place for a lifetime.


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