Cosmetic Fads and Predictions for 2013

Nothing New Under the Sun?

Whether you are a dedicated follower of the celebrity lifestyle magazines, an avid fashionista with subscriptions to Vogue, Harpers and W or a self-professed.

As paramancer like Jemima Packington from Bath in the UK who makes her New Year predictions by tossing a handful of asparagus in the air and ‘reading’ how they fall (honestly!), we all want to get the inside track on what will be ‘hot’ and ‘not’ for 2013.

Within the cosmetic industry, fads and fashions can change from one edition of Hello to the next. So what do those in the know predict to be some of the trends to follow during the coming year?

Cosmetic Fads

From the Sublime..?

With the forecast tightening of legislation within the cosmetic surgery sector after 12 months of bad press following the PIP scandal and BOGOF culture of some cosmetic providers, beauty insiders are predicting a rise in demand for less invasive procedures.

Based on the fractional laser technique and created by US Solta Medical, the Clear and Brilliant rejuvenation and maintenance therapy offers a great way of reducing the signs of aging and will leave the skin looking clear and radiant; just ask Jennifer Aniston who is (allegedly!) reported to be one of the procedure’s most dedicated fans.

With the US anti-aging skincare industry predicted to grow from 80 to 114 billion US dollars by 2015, beauty editors are forecasting that organic brightening creams and serums which contain natural ingredients such as apple extracts and grapefruit enzymes will make an appearance in the bathroom cabinets of many of the most savvy beauty-o-philes.

Leading the charge will be the new Regenerating Serum from cult manufacturer, Creme De Mer which includes cell renewal properties such as colloidal gold and plant stem cells.

Working on the principal that ‘beauty comes from within’, the newest fad to be adopted by supermodels, celebrities and beauty editors alike are collagen ‘shots’ containing added vitamins E & C. A long term favourite in Asia and Brazil (Giselle Bundchen is a huge fan) these collagen hits are not injected into the skin but imbibed as a drink.

Assessed as “proven to be beneficial to the skin”, by Dr Stefanie Williams of the European Dermatology Clinic, global sales are forecast to reach £41.3 billion by 2014, according to analysts, Datamonitor.

Another new ingredient set to become the Gogi Berry of 2013 are Chia Seeds. Originating in South America, this ‘miracle food’ contains more omega 3 than salmon, has more fibre than flax seeds and is a comprehensive source of complete carbohydrates.

Hailed as “the dieter’s dream”, it will, in the next few weeks, be given clearance by the Advisory Council on Novel Foods and Processes for inclusion in bread, cereals and a wide range of baked goods. Just watch those supermarket shelves!

…To the Ridiculous?

With a 530% increase in gastric bypass procedures reported in the UK in the last 6 years at a cost of £85 million to the NHS, it is predicted that 2013 will still see an increase of 1.2 million obese men, women and children joining the national statistics.

As a less invasive alternative to the current gastric band or bypass operation, creator of the Segway, Dean Kamen has invented the gastric pump which, in a test group of 24 individuals, delivered an averageweight loss of 44 pounds.

The surgery takes only 20 minutes and involves the surgeon placing a tube into the stomach of the patient through a small incision. The tube will open a valve 20 minutes after the patient has eaten, causing all of the food to be pumped from the body “through natural processes”. You have been warned!

Bio – This article on the cosmetic fads and predictions for 2013 was produced by the beauty and skincare writer Ed Beard on behalf of the cosmetic surgery resource Clinic Ed lives in London and takes a keen interest in fashion and beauty as well as the weird and wonderful world ofcosmetic surgery.


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